Ideas For Your Own Bucket List

Think about the time you have on this earth.  A human is supposed to live a full 79 years.  That’s our life span.  But you never know what may happen tomorrow and the future is never guaranteed.  Think about your life and all things you wish to do.  Think of the things you may want to accomplish, things you want to try, learn or experience.  For your future think about 10 things that you want to do during your lifetime and do it! You only have one life so be confident, step outside your comfort zone, be courageous and make a bucket list! 

I will be reporting the 10 most popular things people wish to do in their lifetime.  Maybe you will find these ideas to be a good fit for your very own list.

  1. Traveling

So many people wish they would have explored the world.  There is so much to see in countries all around us.  New experiences, cultures, foods, scenery and more.  I feel like travel is probably the most important thing to go on your bucket list.  Travel, see the world that you’ve spent years living on and go appreciate it.  You can learn so many new things when you travel and meet tons of new people.  It is always possible to travel no matter what age.  People choose to talk themselves out of traveling for reasons like money, children, sickness, the possibility of danger in other countries etc.  But think about this “money comes back, time doesn’t.”  When you have a regret it is because you know that at one point it was possible.  

Here are some specific traveling bucket list suggestions:

  • Visit the new Seven Wonders of the World
  • Swim in all the major oceans and seas
  • Go on a cruise
  • Go on a safari
  • Spend a week camping off-grid

2. Ride in a hot air balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is a very common regret people have of not doing before they pass away.  I personally don’t understand why this is so common but it is.  Riding on a hot air balloon is something that can be done at all ages so if a hot air balloon ride is something you’d like to do during your life try it at some point.

3. Swim with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a very general bucket list addition.  This is what a lot of people wish to do during their lifetime.  Maybe when you go on a vacation to somewhere like a Caribbean island you’ll consider a casual dolphin swim.

4. See the Northern Lights

Seeing Aurora Borealis is a beautiful thing.  If this isn’t already on your list you should put it.  There are multiple places around the world where you would be able to see the Northern Lights, including right here in Canada.  This is another bucket list idea that would be associated with travel.  See traveling inspires tons of bucket list topics! 

The Best Places to view the Northern Lights:

  • Yukon, Canada
  • Tromso, Norway
  • Swedish Lapland
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland
  • Ilulissat, Greenland

5. Change someone’s life for the better

Lots of people report that they wish to change someone’s life for the better as an accomplishment.  This is a selfless act that you could put on your bucket list where you do something for another and not yourself.  There are so many ways you could change a person’s life.  Some ideas could be providing food to someone in need, donating money to charities, spending your time volunteering at places to help others or donating clothing to people who need it.

6. Ride horses on the beach

This bucket list idea sounds rather peculiar like something you’d do on a honeymoon or a romance film.  However it is a very popular request among people to ride horses in the water.  Apparently it is very enjoyable and calming.  Perhaps this is an interesting and fun idea that you could attempt.

7. Go bungee jumping

Now bungee jumping is quite popular for bucket lists among skydiving.  People always say they would do it, but would you be brave enough to try this?  Putting this on your bucket list is a most daring activity but is something very amusing that a lot of people try.

8. Learn a new language

Now learning a new language is actually a way more popular regret that people have than you’d think.  Many people wish they had learnt to speak fluently in another language.  Whether it be to communicate to another family member, or for travel, people wish they had spent time to learn.  Even if it’s just for fun maybe taking up a new language is something you’d be interested in.  You might need it if you do travel the world!

Most popular languages people learn to speak: 

  • English – 1.5 billion learners
  • French – 82 million learners
  • Chinese – 30 million learners
  • Spanish – 14.5 million learners
  • German – 14.5 million learners
  • Italian – 8 million learners
  • Japanese – 3 million learners

9. Become entirely plant based

If going plant based is something you’d like to change in your lifestyle you could do it at any age!  It’s a great idea for a bucket list as it’s something you’d gradually have to work towards.  Maybe you could start off being plant based for only some months at a time first to ease your body into it before completely cutting off meats.  You could also just gradually include plant based foods into your life until one day there’s no more meat.

10. Take up something new

Finding a new hobby or something to excel in is a good use of your time.  If you try new sports you might find something you’re actually really interested in or skilled at.  Try basketball or learn to swim, maybe even do some gymnastics.  It’s all up to you.  If you’re not a sporty person, learn to play an instrument or do some art.  Be creative and test out things you’ve never done before!

Some things you could do are:

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Try an extreme sport
  • Take up knitting or crocheting
  • Try a martial art
  • Take an archery class

I hope some of these ideas inspired you and widened your variety of possibilities for your own future bucket list.  As you get older your priorities will change but there will always be time to chase your dreams.