How to be more productive during online school

Learning from home can be difficult now that most of us are enrolled in half-time or even full-time online school. I, too, encounter numerous distractions while learning at home, which is why I devised a list of suggestions for staying productive while attending online school.

  1. Find a quiet place to study: This will help to block out any noises that might distract you while you’re studying.

2. To ensure that you are not distracted, put your phone away or download a productivity app.

3. To study, find a suitable desk and chair: Avoid studying on your bed or couch, as this will only make you tired.

4. Keep your study area organized: Make sure your desk is organized; this will encourage you to pay attention in class.

5. Be prepared: Have all your school supplies with you on hand, or at your desk. Make sure to have many pencils, pens, eraser, papers, notes, and your device.

6. Charge your device before school: Remember to always charge your device before online school starts, so your device doesn’t die when the teacher is talking, and you wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of class to go and get your charger.

7. Take notes in class: Take notes in class as you would normally in a classroom. This will help to keep you focused and will help you remember everything you got taught.

8. Log into class 5-10 minutes early: To ensure that you don’t have any internet problems or that you’re late try logging into class 5-10 minutes early. 

9. Make sure to reward yourself: Reward yourself and remember that we are all in this together and that we can all get through this. We just need to remember that with a positive mindset we can get through this easier.