SPOTLIGHT ON ELECTIVES: Hairstyling and Aestetics

In 2017, J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate launched a new elective course known as Hairstyling and Aesthetics. This popular course, open to all genders, has been getting a lot of attention within the school community recently.

The course is taught by Mrs.Tran, a teacher who is a specialist on cosmetology. The course teaches aspects of hairstyling and aesthetics and also teaches many components you could use in life: respect (since you are working with other people as a team) and safety and sanitation (since you’re helping take care of your client with contact). The course also teaches students about the fundamental aspects of what you would do and use when grooming others, gives various types of research projects, and includes assignments on applying specific styles of makeup.    Hairstyling and Aesthetics even collaborates with other courses and teachers as well during school plays and performances.

So far, the course is open to grade 10 and grade 11 students.  The program includes multiple different technologies and equipment such as mannequins, blow dryers, flat irons, rollers, perm rods, different brushes and clips and several others.  Also covered is basic fundamental aspects including how to use perms, roll dry, blow dry, manicures, shampooing and basic braiding. Grade 11 students will learn more about advanced aspects including haircutting, hair coloring, weaving and advanced braiding.

In conclusion, the  Hairstyling and Aesthetics course enables students to develop skills and strategies in cosmetology. The course uses various techniques that are taught within the industry, thus offering a variety of ways of applications, learning about various trends and helping students expand their communication and interaction skills.  Try it out and enjoy a new experience within the world of cosmetology!