10 Tips on Surviving Grade 12


In the early years of high school  we’ve all picked up some bad study habits. Here are some strategies to help prevent bad habits and help you cross that stage in June at Commencement.

Tip One: Don’t procrastinate!; This ugly little friend will not help you now and it will not help you later. I know not procrastinating is easier said then done, but trust me. When you procrastinate, you forget important assignments. And then you find yourself in your spare period starting a paper that’s due in third period. (Not speaking from experience). 

Tip Two: Do the bonus assignments; Depending on your teacher, you may be given the opportunity to hand in bonus assignments. Do them! You might think “ah what’s one percent gonna do?” But if you do them all, the percentages add up and it could also help getting into your program.

Tip Three: Choose your courses carefully; Make sure you know what courses you need. It’s the worst feeling when you realize you’re in a course that you absolutely don’t need or that you absolutely need a course to get into your program. Don’t waste precious brain power on a course you don’t need!

Tip Four: Be proactive; Teachers appreciate when you take initiative in certain situations. Now that you’re in grade twelve, teachers leave things in your hands. The days of being babied are over and while bitter sweet, you can no longer afford wait for the teacher to remember to give you your test or assignment you missed because they will not chase you.

Tip Five : Focus On yourself; When you look at this I know you’ll think to yourself, “Huh whatever.” But trust me this is key to being successful in grade twelve. You can only focus on yourself and do your work. The minute you take someone else’s responsibility in your hands, you’ll live to regret it in certain situations where instead of going to bed before a test you stay up and help your friend study. While your being a helpful friend, you’re not doing anything to benefit you and it’s okay to be a little selfish.

Tip Six : Take time to DE-stress; grade 12 is going to get hectic really quickly and if you don’t take time to relax and take a break you’ll end up over working yourself and be burnt out by first semester. It’s okay to take an hour break in between studying and I encourage it. Taking a break helps you relax but also bring new perspective to your homework.

Tip Seven: Stay organized; Listen, I know it takes longer to pull out your binder, open it up and place that paper on there, but trust me when exam time rolls around you’ll save yourself a lifetime of hurt. Especially when your looking for that important note you took in class and find it at the bottom of your bag squished by textbooks and smothered in lip gloss you forgot was there. There are no cons to staying organized. 
Tip Eight: Don’t pick a spare with your friends; I know it sounds like a good idea trust me, it has its downsides. A spare is good for relieving stress and taking it easy, however its also good for catching up on assignments and finishing work early. Guess how many assignments you’ll finish early if your friends ask you to come to Tim’s? Absolutely none. I’m not saying this is for all people but for the students who get easily distracted. Having a spare with your friends won’t help.

Tip Nine: Talk to your parents; Grade 12 is an important time in your lives and it’s important that you sit down and have a conversation with your parents about the serious topics that will be affecting your present and future such as course selection, program choice for university or college. And MONEY! This five letter word is the key to your success. Be sure to discuss plans on funding your future with your parents.

Tip Ten: Have fun! Grade 12 is a crazy and exciting year. Enjoy it! There are so many opportunities and events that take place during this year and it will be your last year to make the most of these opportunities with all of your friends. Make everyday a memory that will last a lifetime. Although grade 12 is chaotic  and challenging the journey through makes it all worth while.