Feminist Society

The Feminist Society of Richardson is a club which host events and drives for women and kids in need.

One of the recent initiatives was having a book drive which ended on December 6th 2021. Gauri Bhardjaw and Manahil Saeed both love running the club and are so happy because of the turn out this year. The club has had up to 100 members come to their Monday lunch meetings. It always puts a smile on Gauri and Manahil’s faces when they see everyone helping and putting their love and motivation into being in the feminist society. 

Gauri and Manahil started the club in June 2021 but ever since then the club has been growing and growing because the new grade 9’s all joined the club. They want to help raise awareness about the stereotypes and the bad stuff that women deal with. Just having people to talk to and know what’s going on in the community and around us is just good and life changing for some people because some people may not have anyone to talk to at home. But at school they have the feminist society.