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The Amazing Spider-Girl Fanfic – Chapter Twelve

“And I present to you: one hog-tied Goblin!” May said proudly. She was perched on top of a lamppost with Norman hanging underneath, arms and legs pinned to his sides by innumerable strands of webbing. “Nice work, kid,” Fury commended. “We’ll take him from here.” The Helicarrier had been parked over the roof. Unfortunately that…

The Amazing Spider-Girl Fanfic – Chapter Ten

Agony tore through May like a knife. Her burning eyes remained fixed on the screen, tears clouding her vision as blood pounded in her ears, drowning out all further sound. She couldn’t hear Hallie’s hair-raising shriek or the sound of shattering glass as Kelly’s plate fell to the ground. She didn’t register Tricia’s staggering footsteps…

The Amazing Spider-Girl Fanfic – Chapter Nine

“Ugh, you didn’t tell me how itchy this was!” May complained. Peter must’ve gotten the suit altered because at first May wasn’t sure if it would fit. It was skin-tight, lightweight, comfortably stretchy, and yes, a bit itchy. It was a little strange talking with the mask over her face, but she was surprised at…

Losing Joe’s Place

by Gordon Korman Jason’s going to have the summer of his life – as long as he doesn’t lose Joe’s place. Sixteen-year-old Jason is looking forward to spending the summer in the big city with his friends Don and Ferguson. They’ve convinced their parents to let them sublet Jason’s older brother Joe’s apartment in Toronto….

The Amazing Spider-Girl Fanfic – Chapter Eight

“Dinner!” Miss Edna’s voice sounded up the stairs and May looked up from the many pages of word problems and complex formulas. She and Logan had been tackling Mr. Rothenberg’s problem set in preparation for their unit three math test. Logan tapped Hallie on the knee, bringing her back to reality. For the past twenty… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!