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An Interview With Our New Principal

On October 18th, Eye On The Storm interviewed J. Clarke Richardson’s new principal, Mr. Maharaj.  Mr. Maharaj, our school’s fourth principal since opening in 2001, gave us a more in-depth look at his life and his new job. How long have you been working for the Durham District School Board? I think I started in…


Tornadoes hit Ottawa–Gatineau area; thousands affected

On Friday, September 21, two tornadoes ripped through Ottawa leaving heaps of damage. The first one is said to be a category EF-3, with winds topping more than 200 km/h in some areas. This EF-3 tornado primarily went through Dunrobin, Ont. and Gatineau, Que. The second twister, an EF-2, ripped through neighbourhoods in Nepean. Currently, there are 30 known injuries with five… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!