Articles by Emma Mazzucco

Hi I’m Emma but most people call me Emm. I’m so excited to be in the newspaper club. I hope you enjoy my writing. Have a great day!


The LGBTQIA+ Book That Wasn’t

LGBTQIA+ books are extremely important as the world opens its eyes to the queer population that is starting to speak up. The past hasn’t always been kind to anyone who isn’t cisgender or heterosexual so media platforms making LGBTQIA+ more “normal” and seen is crucial for many homosexuals especially for the LGBTQ+ youth who are…


One Small Step For Man or One Big Lie?

    “One small step for man” (First Moon Landing 1969): those five words made Americans so proud in July 1969, as they watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.  They had finally beaten the Soviets at something in the space race and the moon was the biggest prize of all! But for those who have… Thursdays after school in the library. New Members Welcome Anytime!