XO Kaia is a series about a freshman girl named Kaia who goes to J. Clarke Richardson. It shows her journal entries documenting what she learned each day. This is the second entry in the series.

Day 2:

Dear Future Self,
It has been over a month since school started and I still haven’t been able to make many new friends! I think the only new friend I’ve made so far is Lemon (a girl from my art class). All my friends from elementary school

have been able to make TONS of new friends, I mean just the other day, I saw Ahana with this whole new group of people whom I’ve never seen before in my life! I try not to get too lost in my thoughts as I head to my first class: French. “Bonjour, tout le monde“ my french teacher, Mrs.Wang, welcomes us. While she continues talking I look down and I notice my lunch bag peeking out of my backpack. My stomach grumbles and I reach in for a snack when “-projet de groupe” I hear Mrs.Wang say. Oh no, a group project? Ugh, this can’t be happening, I don’t know anyone! I think my day can’t possibly get any worse than this, but I was proven wrong when I heard my teacher say we need to pick our own groups. I sit silently while everyone gets up and makes a group. I want to avoid the stress of asking someone to be in my group, I mean what if they don’t want to? I find myself slowly sinking into my chair and as I get back up I notice 2 people walking towards me. One of them was a guy with black hair that was gelled back though a couple of strands had fallen out onto his face. He wore a grey sweatshirt with black sweats. The other was a girl with a white coloured sweater and her short, bob length red hair tied back into a half ponytail. “Hey, you’re Kaia, right?” says the guy. “Ummm, yeah. Hi.” I mumbled. I really need to start speaking more real words if I ever want to get this project done. “We’re the only people who still need to find a group. I’m Grey and that’s Alex” he says pointing to the girl beside him who has yet to talk to me. Instead, she just stands there smiling cheerfully. It’s honestly kinda surprising seeing how confident Alex was. During class I would always see her raising her hand, it’s like she knew the answer to everything! I wish I was as smart as her.  We spent the rest of the period working on our project and occasionally getting carried away. It was a really fun class and I think I just made 2 new friends. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, I just needed to actually talk to them. Who knew, huh? They also invited me to join breakfast club after I mentioned I need to get more volunteer hours done. They also told me joining clubs helps you make friends with similar interests. So, I am looking forward to joining more clubs and making new friends. This time, I’ll actually try to talk to people. Till next time.