“The Flash: Gorilla Warfare”

Grodds Back

Last weeks episode of The Flash “Gorilla Warfare” brought back many fans favorite Gorilla, Grodd! Since the last time we met Grodd he has gotten more intelligent and has found ways to increase it even further. Using his telepathy powers Grodd takes control of doctors around central city to take a medical canister and give it to the intelligent Ape to increase his intelligence. Early in the episode Grodd takes control of Caitlin as well and holds her captive in an abandoned tower and since Barry lost all feelings in his legs he could not save Caitlin from Grodd when all of this happened. For most of the episode Barry is healing from the brutal attack by Zoom last episode as well. As the Flash Team tries to figure where Grodd is holding Caitlin, Grodd himself reveals his plan and why he decided to  capture Caitlin.  All Grodd wants is more Gorillas like him and he wants Caitlin to figure out how to make them. Meanwhile the team figures out three main locations of where Grodd is hiding and a plan to distract him while Caitlin escapes.

The plan is carried out as Harrison of Earth 2 suits up in a reverse Flash suit that the team finds in the time vault (from season 1) and heads into the towers in search of Caitlin and Grodd. Since Grodd is telepathic Harrison also wears a ear plug of sorts to block Grodds telepathic powers. Harrison throughout this scene pretends to be the Harrison that Grodd used to look up to as a father (Since Harrison was basically the only human he liked a knew for the longest time). Grodd though is too intelligent to be fooled and Harrison barely makes it out with everything intact. For the last part of the plan Harrison uses one of the 52 portals to send Grodd to a better home. Harrison sort of explains that on Earth 2 there is a city which Grodd would be with his kind (In the comics this place is known as Gorilla City). As Barry at the end with a determination to save his friends trying to stop Grodd runs onto the scene and tries to fight Grodd while still recovering. Grodd was truly a threat but the team manages to send Grodd through the portal to Gorilla City with Barry punching Grodd through to the other world.

The show ends as Grodd looks down at the City of Gorillas and roars loudly ready to claim his right as leader of the Gorilla tribe. Two side plots were pretty interesting as well, one being Harrison trying to figure out how to shut down all the portals except one under Star Labs to lure Zoom once again to Earth 1 to be destroyed. The next side plot introduced a new character to the show, Hawk Girl played by Ciara Renee. In the beginning of the episode Cisco and Kendra Saunders (Hawk Girls real name) go out to the movies to see Princess Bride when Cisco gets a vibe and sees Kendra with wings and armour and gets scared from this sight and leaves the date before it even began. Cisco describes Kendra to Caitlin but she says Cisco is just being silly. At the end of the episode Cisco goes back to the coffee shop (where he met her first) and apologizes for leaving and Kendra and Cisco go to the roof of the building to finish their date. I wonder how Hawk Man is going to feel about this when he shows up on the seeing as  Falk Hentschel has been cast to play Hawk Man in the next episode. Overall Thoughts The Flash Gorilla Warfare brought back one of the greatest Flash villains created in a great way. There is now more questions that need to be answered then solved which makes the show a lot more interesting knowing that the creators are probably going to drop all the answers on us soon in the fall finale. It was an episode with a descent amount of action but really did well on continuing the story of Grodd. I would give this episode another 4.5/5.

Speculations In the previous review I speculated that Zoom (the main villain of this season) was Barry’s father Allen from Earth 2. This theory is either becoming a reality or the producers are just messing with the fans as last episode Zoom referenced fishing when fighting Barry then what happens in this episode, Allen of Earth 1 comes back from a fishing trip out in the woods. This seems to be a  coincidence moment but could it mean more? Another theory for Zoom is that it could be Joe West of Earth 2. This theory is all because of the patterns of speech Zoom presents from the last fight to the speech of Joe when he’s frustrated or angry. The last speculation I have is for an epic fall finale or season finale. Picture Grodd coming back with an army of super intelligent Gorillas, mixed in with Zoom, some new rogues and a possible Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow of Earth 2) attack. On the defending line up could be Barry, Jay Garrick, Fire Storm, and possibly Oliver Queen (Arrow) trying to save Barry from Zoom and protecting Central City from destruction. Next Episode: Legends of today on December 1st