QUIZ TIME: Guess the TV show based on the theme song

Test your skills by listening to the karoke version of these theme songs and guessing them before the songs ends.

Answers are on the second page, but don’t cheat!

Question 1:

Hint: 3 high schoolers decide to start a web show

Question 2:

Hint: Selena Gomez stared in this tv show!

Question 3:

Hint: A normal teen during day and a pop star at night

Question 4:

Hint: 2 twins making the best of their lives

Question 5:

Hint: This show is about a girl that vlogs to help her sister survive her family.

Question 6:

Hint: Zendaya and Bella Throne stared in this hit tv show

Question 7:

Hint: Hollywood Arts was where most of the show took place

Question 8:

Hint: Demi Lovato made it big with this show

Question 9

Hint: 2 brothers are determined to make their summer fun

Question 10:

Hint: A 10 year old boy who is neglected by his parents tortured by his babysitter gets granted a special something