How I Would Book CM Punk’s Return To WWE

CM Punk returning at Survivor Series!!

Earlier this year, I made a prediction that CM Punk will return to WWE in some capacity (an article that you should totally check out by the way!). This was way before ‘Brawl In’ and Tony Khan announcing his firing at All Out in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago, which I believe shouldn’t have happened there. However, nevermind the past, as we must look towards the future! As such, as we draw closer to Survivor Series in Chicago, Illinois at the Allstate Arena, rumors are circulating around the IWC that a good ol’ fellow named Phil Brooks is returning to the WWE. Wow, I can’t believe that I was right back in January at a time where that seemed impossible, shocking! Anywho, you never know what to expect in the wonderful world of professional wrestling! 

Hence, this article will be fantasy booking his return to the WWE at Survivor Series. Without further ado, let’s get started.  

Tonight is Crown Jewel, and so far, the night has been a massive success with a roaring Saudi crowd. The card is incredibly stacked, to say the least, and you can be certain that there would be an immense amount of “All Time Wrestling Classics” occurring at this PLE. 

The second match on the card is Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso fighting the Judgment Day once more for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. However, this time, it is in a ⅔ Falls Match. 

Coming out first, you have Cody and Jey, who are really hyping out the incredibly energized crowd, with either their “WOAH” or by moving their arms up or down. However, to quickly ruin the mood, you have the Judgment Day and their entrance, accompanied by a vast series of boos and negativity. Surprisingly, they are only coming out by themselves, no Rhea, Dom, or even, JD. 

During the match, the first fall is a ‘Traditional Tag Team Match’. Like any of their matches, their chemistry between the two teams is off the charts. Between each group throwing punches or finishers, you can be certain that you’re getting your money’s worth. There were a couple of near falls, but after a South Of Heaven by Damian Priest to Jey in the corner, followed by a Coup De Grâce, the Judgment Day received the first win. 

The second fall is a ‘No Disqualification Match’ and while you may expect there to be some outside interference, miraculously, no such thing has occurred as of yet. During this match, there were weapons everywhere, either in the ring or around the ring. However, every time a kendo stick was used, you couldn’t help but clinch in your seat or close your eyes as you felt bad for the person being subjected to such a hard hit. 

After hitting Finn Balor with Kendo Sticks or Chairs for an incredibly long period of time, Jey Uso hit his finisher, the Superkick on Finn. Nevertheless, as any other Judgment Day match, during pinfall, at 2.99 seconds, Finn Balor was pulled out of the ring by not Damian Priest as he was fighting Cody somewhere in the Stadium, but indeed ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio. This caused a very loud parade of boos to flow around the arena. 

Jey quickly looked around to find Dom staring at him with a wide grin plastered all over his face. But, before you could realize, Jey quickly slid out of the ring attempting to attack Dominik for costing him the match. But, just before he could get his hands on him, he got hit in the head by a steel chair from none other than his twin brother, Jimmy Uso. 

As Jey started to lay in a puddle of his own blood, Jimmy propped his brother up for not one, not two, but three back-to-back superkicks. Amidst Judgment Day laughter, Jimmy propped his hands, signaling for the Judgment Day to finish what they started. 

The Judgment Day then proceeded to drag Jey in the ring, and like to what they did in the first fall, Damian, who handled business with Cody as he is now laid out after an Elevated Flatliner from the top of the a ladder onto the announce table, proceeded to hit Jey with a South of Heaven. Followed by a Frog Splash by Dom and a Coup De Grâce by Finn Balor all for the win. 

Later on in the night, it was time for Drew McIntyre Vs. Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match is an incredibly interesting bout to witness as these two talented wrestlers have an immense amount of ‘in ring chemistry”. Throughout the match, you have near falls as finishers are perfectly thrown around, so the match is never redundant or boring. 

While watching this match, you feel as though you are watching a match on the indy circuit as moves that you wouldn’t normally see on television by these wrestlers are being displayed here. For example, Drew pulled a brain buster on Seth and Seth performed a Michinoku Driver on Drew. 

But, after an incredibly fast thirty-five minutes of unforgettable action going on in the squared circle, Seth hit the stomp on Drew, and the ref counted to three. 

When Drew was walking to the back with his head held low, you can tell that he was angered as well as ashamed with himself. This is mainly because fans near the ramp could hear Drew muttering profanities to himself as well as scoffs. 

However, while Seth was celebrating around the ring, doing his little dance, out came Damian Priest and the rest of the Judgment Day. Instead of being the one to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, this time, Seth ended up falling victim to it. 

While waiting for Damian to come into the ring, Seth was looking around for Rhea Ripley, as she was noticeably absent. But, Seth presumed that it was because she was preparing for her match later on in the night. 

Just before Damian could get in the ring, Rhea hit Seth Rollins with a low-blow, causing an immense amount of gasps to spread around the arena. Damian then entered the ring, and when the referee signaled for the opening bell, Damian picked up Seth and hit him with a ‘South Of Heaven’ for the 1.2.3. 

As the Judgment Day soaked in their victory with an immense amount of pyro going off, you could hear Samantha Irvin saying “And The New World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest” all whilst they had devilish-like grins upon their faces. 

Nevertheless, a couple nights later, Monday Night Raw quickly approached. After a shocking Crown Jewel PLE in Saudi Arabia done and in the books, the entire Monday Night Raw roster is getting ready for Survivor Series Wargames. 

Especially after what happened on Saturday, it has been predicted for a while that the Judgment Day is going to team up with the Bloodline to face an assortment of babyfaces on RAW, specifically Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Jey Uso. As a result, there has been increased animosity between the two groups. But, nothing has been made official as of yet. 

After he cheated to his victory for the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE announced that Damian Priest had an announcement to make in the Main Event of Monday Night Raw. However, despite his unfortunate loss, you could hear fans singing Seth’s Song. This was until it was time for the Judgment Day came out, where they were showered with profanities and boos. 

“All rise for the Judgment Day!” Damian Priest exclaimed into the microphone. 

“How many times do we have to tell you, we run Monday Night Raw and all of the WWE!” Rhea Ripley smugly announced into the microphone. 

Dominik tried to say something but, as per usual, he couldn’t say a single thing as he was drowned out by boos.

Damian then followed up by saying, “After a series of wins against Cody, Jey, (who Rhea put her finger to a mouth in an attempt to make a retching expression), Seth, and even Sami Zayn, we have figured that it’s time for us to visit-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Damian was interrupted by Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

“What up Judgment Day!” said a proud Jimmy Uso, whilst approaching the ring. 

“You might’ve heard from Rhea Ripley, that she has made a deal on behalf of the Judgment Day with the Bloodline. In exchange for me helping you retain your belts-“

Before Jimmy could finish explaining what the deal was about, his twin brother, Jey Uso, with a noticeably bruised face, came out to the ring, accompanied by Cody Rhodes.

“Damian, Finn, Dominik, Jimmy, and Rhea, just to let you know, that we should be here with our tag team championships.” Cody stated. 

“Yeah, Uce, if it weren’t for you Jimmy, my face would look nice too.” Jey rebutted. 

“I don’t care, Jey! But, as I was saying before you rudely interrupted me-” Jey tried to continue before he was interrupted by the former World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. 

“Oh, come on!” Jimmy yelled. 

“Judgment Day, I am so sick and tired of your crap! You can’t win a match on your own, so I have a preposition. In two weeks, there’s Survivor Series. But, earlier this morning when I arrived at the wonderful arena, I was approached by Adam Pearce. He quite surprisingly asked me to set up a team for Wargames.” Seth Rollins announced to widespread applause and cheer.

“Is everybody alright with that?” Seth asked, to which he received ‘yeets’ from Cody and Jey and cheers from the crowd. 

“Alright then, you guys have five people and we have four. I guess we need someone else.”

Before Seth could continue, a familiar theme came from the top of the ramp: Worlds Apart.

“And that is our fifth teammate. Sami Zayn! Next-” 

“Now just wait a minute, Seth. Why should we team with you?” Cody Rhodes questioned. 

“Yeah, Uce, who made you in charge?” Jey pondered. 

“Never mind you two, but why should we face you guys? We have already done it a million times, it’s well documented.” Damian Priest proclaimed. 

“Yeah, Mami and I-” Stated Dom, as he tried to speak amidst the shower of boos, but hardly could. 

“You know what, it’s one more victory under my belt as the World Heavyweight Champion. I’m sure that wouldn’t hurt.” Damian stated whilst cockingly looking at Seth. 

However, Seth, nor anybody else, really, couldn’t handle the Judgment Day’s ego anymore, so an all out brawl quickly ensued. 

In a chaotic WWE brawl, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, and Jey Uso squared off against Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoa. The ring was a flurry of action as Seth Rollins delivered his signature curb stomp to Finn Balor, while Sami Zayn hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Damian Priest, and Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa exchanged powerful superkicks as well as spikes between each other. Security tried to keep them apart, but that served as no use. 

However, just as tensions reached their peak, William Regal’s music hit and everyone stopped at their tracks, surprised to see William. 

As he walked down the ring, he stated, “Gentlemen, calm down, save this for, well I was going to say Wargames, but you already did that for me, Seth, so nevermind that. Leave the fighting for Survivor Series, and if any of you engage in any more fighting that is unwarranted, this match is called off.”

As he walked out of the ring, the camera panned to all eight individuals intensely staring at each other. As Raw went off the air, you could hear a few statics, most thought it was just something wrong with the broadcast. 

On Raw Talk, there were rumors circulating that Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins still have some tension and animosity present themselves, which is warranted, but not good for a team before such a huge match. 

However, to put the rumors aside, at least for now, on Raw Talk, there was a backstage segment between Sami and Seth, before being interrupted by Cody. 

“I hope I’m not being presumptuous-” Seth claimed. 

“You’re not being presumptuous. I want to win. I finally want to get rid of the Judgement Day” Sami replied. 

“Oh, well I see how it is, huh’? You want to go out there and you want to make decisions for me, now you want to talk strategy behind my back?” Cody claimed, mainly targeted towards Seth. 

“What do you mean we are talking about strategy? It’s not like we all hate the Judgment Day or anything. Do you not want to do this?” Seth questioned. 

“Yes, I want the match. But I don’t want to be on a team with you.”

“Please, guys, look, let’s all take a deep breath here, okay? Look, I know that there’s some history here. Some tension here, there’s just a lot. But, I don’t expect you guys to solve all of your problems overnight. But, we have a chance to do something at Wargames. Now, I know that we all have our own issues with the Bloodline and Judgement Day. But, at Wargames, we have a chance to take them down once and for all. So, can we do it? Can we get past whatever’s going on here? Are we cool?” Sami, the everknown peacemaker wondered. 

“I’m cool. Are you, Cody?” Seth replied.  

“Yeah, I’m cool.” Cody responded as he walked away, clenching his fists. 

“Great, he’s cool, you’re cool, we’re all co-” Before Sami could finish his sentence, he realized that both his teammates were gone. 

“Doesn’t feel cool,” he slyly whispered to himself. 

As all three men left backstage, the camera quickly went out to show static before being followed by a red ‘X’.

The next week on Raw, it was announced that there was going to be a contract signing between all eight competitors for their Wargames Match. But of course, contract signings can never end without chaos being ensued. 

To a pleasant surprise, the contract signing starts off well, but of course, as arguments are spread across the ring, the first punch is thrown between Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest. Then, before you know it, after all eight signatures are on the piece of paper, carnage has quickly erupted. 

Similar to last week, punches between the competitors continue to be thrown. However, before any more damage is done, Cody Rhodes accidentally hits Seth Rollins with a ‘Cody Cutter’. While Cody and the crowd was in immense shock, he couldn’t even notice that the Judgment Day propped up steel chairs, about to use them. 

However, before they could, Jimmy intervened and told them to save it for Saturday. 

Finally, it’s time for the Main Event of Survivor Series. 

Nevertheless, throughout the broadcast, there was continuous static interrupting the television feed. 

As the baby faces individually made their way to ring, you could notice that as each member came out to ring, the amount of cheers also increased. However, when it was time for Seth’s entrance, he was noticeably absent. His song played for a few minutes but he never came out. Sami, Cody, and Jey were asking the referees what happened, but weirdly, they only knew as much as Sami and the others did. 

However, when it was time for the Judgment Day and The Bloodline to come out, there was an immense amount of boos and profanities being spread throughout the roaring Chicago Crowd.

Before the ‘Wargames’ could begin, on the titantron, you could see a laid out Seth Rollins surrounded by medical staff as well as WWE personnel. This caused Judgment Day as well as the Bloodline to laugh immensely, making the disadvantaged team of Cody, Jey, and Sami look at them in disgust. 

As the match went on, you could tell that the difference in numbers made the ‘Wargames’ match even more tiresome than it should have been. 

As weapons spread around the three rings, causing blood to be shed, mainly on the team of Sami, Cody, and Jey, you just wished for this match to end as everybody felt incredibly bad for their team. 

As minutes passed by, it was finally time for Seth to come out, but we know that couldn’t happen because of him being taken out by someone earlier on. This only gave the Judgment Day more encouragement to continue their assault on the poor team. 

As time went on, the more catastrophic the match was. You could be certain that this wasn’t the way Cody, Sami, and Jey envisioned their night in Chicago to be like. 

However, as Jimmy prepared to hit Jey in the head with a steel chair like he did at Crown Jewel, the arena went black to a surprising roaring crowd in Chicago. 

Everybody’s eyes, including those in the ring, went to the titantron, where a video was displayed of a man, in a black hoodie, explaining, with his back to the camera, about how being neglected and misunderstood for so long and being surrounded by ‘counterfeit bucks’ led him to be back home.

The screen then went black, until a familiar tune was heard. 

“Look in my eyes, what do you see?”

As soon as that theme played, the crowd went absolutely berserk, with “Holy Sh**” being repeated around the arena as well as the camera panning to fans crying their hearts out. 

It finally happened. 

After nearly ten years, the ‘Best in the World’, CM Punk finally returned to the WWE. This not only in his hometown, but in the company he truly belongs in and a place where he can feel like home. 


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