FICTION: “Unexpected Places” – Part 1

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a weekly series that will be continued throughout most of the year. This story is completely fictional and none of the events in this story are real. I hope you enjoy the story!

There was once a boy in a far away place named Known, and as his name suggests he was known and seen by everyone. He always had people around him and always seemed to have a smile on his face. This Known’s happiness didn’t last too long though, as someone named Fate came running by. Fate came as a friend at first, sending all the good things his way, until Fate decided he didn’t like Known, so Fate destroyed Known’s life in an instant. Soon Known was enveloped in depression not knowing what to do. Eventually the jolly Known was later named The Unknown. He…

“Hey Yash, you okay, you seem to be oddly quiet. Come on, since when did you start reading books. I thought you hated reading?”

You know, I started reading about anti-gravity, too bad I can’t finish it, it just won’t come down”.

“Ya, very funny grandpa,” I laughed. “Honestly how far is it?”

“Oh, don’t worry we’re almost there. Soon you’re going to be home free.”

“Ya home free”

“Oh, is the young man going to throw a fit. Just relax, you’ll fit in and get used to the place real quick, It’s a pretty easy layout you know”

”How big is the house?”

“You’ll see when we get there.”

“By the way you should be ready to get stuffed, when you get home. Your grandma really went all out on cooking. She just can’t wait to see her grandson.”

“I sure as hell am too. By the way grandpa, why did you want to take me in? If you hadn’t I would have lived with my sister.”

“Ya right, like I was going to let you live in a place called a city, that’s full of mysterious people you don’t know. The place we’re going to is a place where everyone knows each other. This way I can keep an eye on you. And, here we are.”

I got out of the car and gave the house a very long stare. From the outside it was a very, very, old brick wall. It was just a rectangular house. To think that someone would even design this house is absurd, let alone live in it. “Damn grandpa, that’s some house you live in.”

“Tell me about it. It’s a beauty,” I snickered.

“Ok kiddo get your stuff.”

“You’re not going to help me?”

“Nope, too old,” he smiled and walked into the house.

Damn that old man. He pisses me off. First with the lecture, then weightlifting. I wish I could have lived alone. I’m sure mom and dad wouldn’t want me to live in this dump, and yet, here I am.

It took me a while but I eventually got all my stuff and put it in my room. My room is on the second floor. It’s the last room in this place, and to be honest it looks dustless. I was amazed. The room was pretty normal. It had a large window, giving me the scenery of the front of the house. It had a double-sized bed, an office desk and chair, a cupboard, a small t.v., and finally a fan. The walls have some places where the paint is falling off, but for the most part the room is intact. I put all my stuff in their respectable place, put up posters to hide all the paint that is peeling off, and was done. Just as I finished, my grandma called me downstairs.

“Hey sunny boy, can you come down here? It’s time to eat!”

I went downstairs to find my grandpa sitting, eating some rice.

“Do you have enough space in your room?”

“Ya, I guess it’s manageable.”

“That’s good to hear. Sit, why don’t you.”

“Oh sunny boy, it’s been too long. How are you? You must be tired, so eat okay?” Grandma said with a grin on her face. A few moments later, my big one pack and I decided to travel to my room and play some games. As I get my gaming system booted up I started to hear mild whispers. They came from downstairs. How can I hear them you ask? Well for the best or the worst, behind my bed there is a vent that leads to the kitchen from my room. Anyways, as I listen in curiously, I hear my grandma’s and grandpa’s voices quietly say, “Did you tell him?”

”About what?”

“Oh you know that thing… basement… not to go.”

That’s all I got to hear before they stopped talking. It’s too bad, it sounded really important too. I thought about what they said for a little longer, but knowing it was pointless I started playing games, and went to sleep.