Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, and The Rock – What Is The WWE Thinking?

Friday Night on Smackdown, Cody Rhodes was scheduled to announce who we wanted to face at Wrestlemania. We all presumed that it would be Roman Reigns so he could ‘finish the story’, but sadly, that was not the case. 

During Roman’s promo, he buried Seth Rollins, the Royal Rumble, and the World Heavyweight Championship in less than ten minutes, as he called Seth’s title the ‘Loser’s Title/#2 Title’. So, how does it make sense for Cody Rhodes to go after that championship at Wrestlemania without making him look like a fool? It doesn’t add up. 

Cody Rhodes, ever since he lost at WM 39 said that if he won the World Heavyweight Championship, they wouldn’t count on finishing his story, so why would he take his RR win for that? Well, to me, I believe that is because of the backstage politics of the egomaniac, The Rock. 

Where was The Rock in 2015, when he first teased that he was going to fight his cousin at Wrestlemania? We waited nine years for this match to happen. In fact, last year, it made the most sense as Wrestlemania was in Hollywood, and the Rock is one of the highest paid actors of all time. But, unlike John Cena, The Rock is only in it for the money, he doesn’t care about the fans, or the ‘people’ as he claims to be a representation of. 

Cody Rhodes has been one of the hardest working members of the roster, and the fact that ‘Dwayne’ is in the main event of Wrestlemania this year and not him, makes me sick’! You see what I did there. The Rock has been stealing main events, first from Punk, and now Cody, like it’s something that will cement him in the history books as the GOAT. But, if the WWE and The Rock continue with this decision, his plan would backfire and he would end up being incredibly hated. 

In conclusion, I hope the WWE realizes that this decision is not best for business and recognizes that Cody deserves to finish his story before the Rock ever does.


  • Abem Habte

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