Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 arrives ashore!

The 2.0 update for Animal Crossing is live and many players have been revisiting their islands. With so much new content coming with the wave even I couldn’t resist the urge and added an additional dozen hours to my shameful 2000 hours of playtime to prepare beforehand. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the new content released in the 2.0 update!



First and foremost, we have the celebrity himself, Brewster. From the moment the game was launched, everyone has been hyped for his return, and now he has finally made his long-awaited comeback with a neat cafe nestled in the museum.


The beloved Kapp’n from New Leaf made his return back in the update. His tropical shirt combined with his rad boat makes him the perfect ferryman to journey the player into uninhabited islands to catch critters and bugs.

~Mayor Tortimer~

Mayor Tortimer seems to have decided to take his vacation on Harv’s island. He is responsible for your storage management.


Everyone’s favourite pink poodle hairstylist, Harriet is back on Harv’s island. With her arrival, players are able to access more hairstyling creativities. Cheers for more character customization!


Katrina, the panther can be visited on Harv’s island as well. Her role seems to be similar to the previous games: telling the player about their fortune for the day in her mysterious stall. 

~Improved Characters~

Some characters have been improved upon in the update. We can see the following NPCs chilling on Harv’s island:

  1. Very hippie Lloid
  2. Your favourite cousin, Redd
  3. The one who visits your island from afar, Saharah
  4. Your favourite weed buyer, Leif
  5. Relationship goals, Reese and Cyrus
  6. Dapper shoe man, Kicks

~Neighbour-able characters~


Kapp’n’s Islands

Kapp’n will take us to some secretive islands. These islands can be in different timezones and weather from your own island, making the hunt for certain critters/fishes much easier. There are also new types of florals such as vines and flowers!

The Roost

The museum is once again, getting another upgrade with Brewster’s shop. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for unwinding after a busy day and relaxing with a cup of coffee with your friends and fellow villagers



Need I to say anymore? With so many fruits, the option to eat, and the growing amount of food items in-game, Nintendo was practically teasing us for this feature for months! You can use cooked items for eating (wow, what a shocker) and for decorations. We can also collect recipes and cook them via ovens.


Along with cooking, farming has also been implemented to give us the option of using vegetables! Crops such as tomatoes, wheat, and sugarcanes are teased to add to the pre-existing pumpkin lineup.

You can now change your house exterior shape to match with the rest of your island! No more basic house shapes! You can request these constructions with Tom Nook, who can already customize the mailboxes and other house details.



11 more new reactions have been added to the ever-growing list to better express your emotions in-game. Adding on, you can now do stretches with your fellow villagers in the plaza!

K.K Slider

The beloved star, K.K Slider will be releasing 12 new songs with the 2.0 update. Finally, a music artist’s comeback that can never disappoint!

New Villager Interactions

Your fellow neighbours can now invite you to their house or vice versa with the new update! Even better, they can now invite themselves to your house too!

The 2.0 update easily provided additional hours of content for players. I know for myself, my 2000 hours will see some real exponential growth. What are your favourite features in the new update?