A Look Back on the First Semester of Junior Band (2019)

The first semester of Junior Band is drawing to an end. The band finished up with some performances at Richardson’s feeder schools, and is now temporarily suspended until the start of second semester.

The band’s first meeting was around the end of September. More than 40 grade nines showed up and were introduced to their band director, Mr.Watson. Many of the members where from the grade 9 woodwinds and brass class, but there were some who were not from the classes and just wished to join. The meeting was a huge success. Everyone got to know each other, the sheet music for the songs they were going to play in the upcoming concert were handed out, and they were able to get practicing quickly.

The upcoming concert they were preparing for was the Fall Concert. The band was made of all grade nines with a few exceptions. So, this was going to be the first concert at the school they would be attending. Nonetheless, the band played spectacularly, playing pieces such as, Tempest and Presto. The band was also able to see many of the amazing performances from the other students as well. The band had experienced their first concert and was well prepared for the next one.

The next concert was the Winter Concert that took place on December 5th. The concert was a bit different from before though — the band would have to play for a day and a night concert. The day concert was just like the Fall Concert, playing in front of the school, but the night concert was playing in front of parents and anyone wishing to attend. Even though there was a change, the band still played spectacularly for both concerts. Playing pieces such as Tempest, Crusade in the day and adding Christmas Kazoo during the night. This was another new experience for the grade nines, but they were well prepared, and did astonishingly.

The band also played the feeder school trip. The band played on December 12th and 13th in front of the very schools most of the band attended just a few months prior. Another new experience for the grade nines, but they have experienced many new things this semester and were ready for this.

The band practices every Wednesday after school from 2:40 – 4:00 for every concert and event. Thanks to that, they have played astoundingly for every concert and event. The band is looking forward to second semester.